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NVentures - Enlightened Exploration

NVentures is an upstream exploration firm specialising in technical and commercial intelligence for explorationists.

Working in the upstream sector for 25 years, the firm delivers high quality, comprehensive data and reports to oil companies and service companies worldwide. In collaboration with industry JV Partners, NVentures brings together vital technical resources to help understand exploration results and trends. NVentures is the source for up to date, insightful and well illustrated E&P activity information, helping track activity and point to new trends and future successful exploration.

NVentures products and services are designed to provide information and insight to exploration teams monitoring activity and local exploration results. This includes subsurface context, as well as New Ventures and Business Development groups analysing opportunities, trends and the farm-out market. Service companies and strategic managers utilise the NVentures product suite to determine market focus and resource priorities.

NVentures have a long record of researching and reporting in the upstream sector, as well as focused consulting work for dedicated projects.

Meet The Team

Peter Elliott

Peter holds a degree in Geology and an MSc in Petroleum Geology. He has 25 years experience in the international oil and gas industry working in New Ventures and Business Development. He has recent experience of building oil company JVs in West Africa, including Guinea Bissau, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal AGC, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Equatorial Guinea.

He has recent experience managing exploration contracts and work programmes, including frontier programmes in West Africa and works closely with African Oil and gas companies and service companies. Peter has a track record of advising large cap companies and small start-ups in identifying and securing suitable growth assets in Africa. Recognised as a specialist in Sub-Saharan Africa, he has completed deals with the likes of Oando (Sao Tome), Black Star (Guinea Bissau), Talisman (Sierra Leone) and Rocksource (AGC) Peter and team constantly research and report on Africa E&P activity, providing valuable insight to clients around the world and regularly speaking at major industry events.

L Rogers Hardy
Associate Editor, Latin America and Caribbean

L. Rogers Hardy brings over thirty years’ experience to the role as contributing editor for the Latin America – Caribbean Newsletter

Rog is a successful petroleum explorer combining technical and management roles, principally in international new ventures and operations. Most recently he co-founded Canopy E&P Services www.canopyeps.com and from 2000 to the present has operated as an independent consultant to oil companies ranging from foreign multinationals to start-ups, to global consulting houses and host government agencies. He has focused on country-wide and basin specific regional scoping, portfolio management, country entry strategy and exploration operations, principally in Latin America and West Africa. During this time he also helped form and sell OTC-traded Brenham Oil & Gas and served as Vice President Exploration.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s Rog was an exploration manager with Unocal International, focusing on new ventures and operations in Latin America, Africa, and, while manager of the basin studies group, scoping evaluations worldwide. Then he became Vice President Exploration for Unocal Indonesia, supporting the first-mover role in the region into deepwater exploration. Before joining Unocal he coordinated international exploration programs for Natomas International in diverse international theaters, principally Southeast Asia and Colombia. Previously, he worked a geologist and geophysicist in Alaska and offshore California with Chevron USA, and the offshore Gulf of Mexico with Amoco USA.

Mr. Hardy holds a Masters in Geology from San Diego State with a thesis in Mexico, a Bachelors in Geology from Minnesota, and graduate work at the University of Oslo, Norway. Presently Rog is a registered geophysicist by the state of California, chair of the AAPG History of Petroleum Geology Committee, and an AAPG Visiting Petroleum Geoscientist.

Jonathan Craig
Associate Editor, Middle East & India

Jonathan M Craig has over 20 years upstream oil and gas experience, specialising in production forecasting and industry activity.

Before joining NVentures Jonathan worked for IHS for over 18 years. Jonathan was a primary contributor to IHS’s asset valuation tool, Vantage, with a specific focus on oil and gas production in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Prior to working on Vantage, for almost 10 years Jonathan’s work was a major component of CERA’s worldwide liquids capacity and E&P Trends Forum research. Jonathan also worked in various roles for IHS Global Exploration and Production Services (GEPS), including four years as Regional Manager covering the Northern Middle East; providing accurate and detailed information on exploration and production activity in the region.

Jonathan began his career as a Data Engineer and Logging Geologist with Baker Hughes Inteq, supporting exploration drilling operations in the UK North Sea.

Jon Ford
Associate Editor, Mediterranean

Jon’s background is as a seismic interpreter, asset evaluator and subsurface manager with 35 years of experience in all aspects of petroleum exploration, development and production across multiple international areas.

Prior to setting up as a consultant at Tedstone Oil & Gas 10 years ago, he worked in technical and managerial roles at Stratic Energy, Paladin Resources, Clyde Petroleum & BP. He has specific experience in Italy, Albania, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia & Morocco within the Mediterranean region.

John Wilkinson
Associate Editor, Asia Pacific

John was trained in Geology at the University of London and worked in the oil and gas business for 38 years with many seismic companies but more recently for Star Energy and Cairn Energy in a managerial role covering all aspects of exploration. He has worldwide experience for the last 14 years in South-East Asia and prior to that in South America. He currently resides in Singapore working as a freelance consultant geophysicist and is a regular attendee of SEAPEX and other regional conferences.

James Andrew
JV Manager

James has a degree in Geography & Geology from Coventry University, and has 35 years of Oil & Gas experience working both on and offshore. He spent 10 years working for Shell UK in London and then in various business development / account management roles marketing multi-client data, seismic acquisition equipment and airborne geophysical services for major Geophysical contractors including Western / WGeco, ION & CGG. He has worked extensively in N / Sub Saharan Africa and Southern Asia with governments, NOC’s, IOC’s and regional geophysical acquisition contractors. He helped establish successful Multi-Client projects in Africa for Marine Seismic, FTG & Gravity & Magnetics.

Nick Pearce
Geoscience Sales Manager

Nick is the Geoscience Sales Manager for NVentures. He has a Masters degree in Geology from the University of Southampton and has been working in the industry since 2012. Nick previously worked as a Geoscientist for San Leon Energy in London, with strong focus on African and European petroleum assets. Nick has a wide variety of experience in the upstream industry, including business development, research, data rooms, farm outs, divesting of assets, asset appraisals, and exploration drilling campaigns.

Jay Paleja
GIS Manager and Geoscientist

Jay is our senior GIS manager and Geoscientist, bringing together high level GIS skills with a sound understanding of the geoscience of exploration. Jay manages the research and compilation of detailed technical montages for exploration drilling around the world. He has strong ESRI training and skills and manages large and complex geo-databases in the E&P industry. Jay has a degree in Paleobiology and paleoenvironments from University of Birmingham and has worked with NVentures for 4 years.

Jessica Elliott
GIS Analyst

Jessica studied Human Geography at Brighton University where she found her love of GIS analysis and mapping in general. With NVentures Jessica focusses on Europe, Mediterranean and the Middle East Regions undertaking research, GIS Analysis and creating reports. She also manages the Northern Office and is in her second year with the company.

Dr. Kelly Barker
E&P Analyst

Kelly is a Geoscience and GIS analyst for the Latin America Region. She completed her PhD in Geomagnetics in 2016 and joined the NVentures team in 2019.

Jocelyn Allen
Senior Researcher

Jocelyn has been a team member with PVE / NVentures for 5 years and manages the research, population and compilation of the Newsletter reports. Jocelyn has a broad and insightful understanding of the upstream E&P business.